Kitchen Hood Exhaust

Kitchen exhaust contains grease, smoke, and odors which can be filtered properly to help meet EPA, state, and local air quality standards. With Trion’s Kitchen Hood Exhaust systems, you’ll be on good terms with both city inspectors and your commercial and residential neighbors.

Whole-Home Electronic and Media Air Cleaners

Trion® whole-home air cleaners products offer you everything you need for your home’s ventilation system to clean the air, protect the system, and make you comfortable.

Atomizing, Evaporative, and Steam Humidifiers

Trion® offers Humidifiers to fit your specific home’s needs, whether atomizing, evaporative, or steam.


Trion’s whole-house dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels to improve indoor comfort, minimize adverse health effects, and improve air conditioning efficiency.

HVAC Disposable Filters

Trion’s residential HVAC Disposable Filter Program

Replacement Pads, Filters, and Parts

Use only Trion® OEM filters and pads in your Air Cleaners and Humidifiers.

Smoke Exhaust Products

Trion® smoke eliminators are ideally suited to filter smoke, dust, and fumes from rooms where people work and relax: restaurants, bars, taverns, offices, conference and computer rooms, break and waiting rooms, designated smoking areas, and more.

Cartridge Air Cleaners

Trion’s cartridge collectors are well suited for ducted and ambient industrial dust, smoke, and fume collection.

Electrostatic Precipitator (Wet/Mist Only)

From CNCs to Lube Oil Reservoirs, Trion® offers electrostatic precipitators that filter oil mist and smoke out of the air, providing cleaner air with no filters to dispose.

Electrostatic Precipitator (Wet or Dry)

Trion’s multi-stage electrostatic precipitators are multi-purpose units that can be installed in either wet or dry environments, from machining to weld fume, from textile to industrial applications.

Media Wet/Dry Filtration

Trion’s media units are versatile units for all your wet, dry, sticky, or messy applications.

Parts & Filters

Use only Trion® replacement filters and parts in your industrial electrostatic precipitators, media, cartridge mist, and dust collectors.

Commercial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Residential Solutions

Kitchen Exhaust Solutions

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